Book Review: Karna’s Celestial Armor

During Mahabharata, warrior Karna was tricked into parting with his Kavach-Kundal by Indra, the King of Gods. This blessed armor and earrings had the power to make the wearer ‘The Conqueror of Death’. Since Indra could not take these to heaven, he hid them on Earth. Karna’s Celestial Armor is the story of Vasu’s quest to locate these forgotten pieces using mythological texts and with guidance from Karna’s spirit.

Try as I might, I can’t stay away from mythology based fiction. Karna’s Celestial Armor is the story of Vasu’s quest to find the hidden armor of his spirit guide, Karna. Yes, the same Karna from Mahabharata and his fabled Armor that is supposed to make the wearer ‘Conqueror of Death’. It is a sequel to ‘Karna’s Alter Ego’, which I read some time back and found really inspiring.
3/5 🌟for the well paced adventure that takes you to all four directions.
Full review up on my blog. Link in bio.
Also something encouraging happened. I found some editing mistakes in the book which l mentioned in my review. Unlike many authors, Surendra Nath reached out so that he could improve his book before it goes for paperback publication. 😀😀
Kudos to the author for being so receptive.
Thank you @thebookfever for providing me a copy for review. .
I would recommend everyone to read at least ‘Karna’s Alter Ego’ for #UNDERRATEDBOOKISHMONDAYS It is well written and very different from our usual fiction. .
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Book Review: Blowfish

Papa kehte h bada naam karega…Beta hamara aisa kaam karega..

Most of us have grown up listening to this song. This is not just a song though, it epitomizes the never-ending tug-of-war between expectations and passion. Growing up, we find ourselves carrying a heavy bundle of hope on our heads. Some carry it with poise, some struggle to keep it up and some find enough courage to shrug it off and pursue their passion.

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Book Review: Have A Safe Journey

Every time my husband asks me to learn driving a car, I feign contemplating, and say ‘No’. Like others, I also want to be independent when it comes to my commute, I also want to experience the joy people say comes with driving and I also want to go road-tripping through the country on my own.


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